Cape Girardeau Family Photographs - The Super Hero Project - Emma

I would like to introduce you to Emma. Emma is kicking off our new project called The Super Hero Project.  

The Super Hero Project is a personal project I'll be doing for children with special needs.  I was inspired by my friend Renee at Little Earthling Photography.  The goal of the Super Hero project is to have these children see themselves as the strong, amazing individuals they are.  

Emma is a 4 year old girl with a sweet & loving personality. She was born with a cleft palate & 2 forms of craniosynostosis- metopic and sagittal. After 2 major surgeries, before turning 1, she still has a lot of catching up to do. She is non verbal, wears corrective bracing for scoliosis, and ankle braces as she learns to stand on her own. With the support of her wonderful physical, speech, and occupational therapists- she is progressing and reaching new goals! Emma loves attending preschool at clippard elementary, playing with friends, reading books, and swimming.

This is Mr. Cory.  Emma LOVES Mr. Cory and looks forward to her therapy sessions with him.  

If you know a child with special needs, please contact us so they can be a part of our project!  

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