Sikeston Senior Photographer - Ben

Meet Ben!  Ben is a 2014 graduate who will be studying classical guitar performance at Indiana University.  

Sikeston Senior Photographer - Ben -3.jpg

I asked his sister Caroline to tell us a little more about Ben and this is what she had to say.  

My little brother is so incredibly talented, and the best thing about his talent is that it comes from God and he acknowledges that.  Benjamin not only studies to become a better musician, but first to honor The Lord by turning his gift into something greater than he can offer back through worship.  What a blessing it is to have a brother who is such a faithful worker of the Gospel!  
Ben is not only an extraordinary musician, but also a young man of extremely high character.  You don't come by many guys like him, and I couldn't be more proud to call him my brother as well as my very best friend.  

Blessings to you Ben as you start your year at Indiana University!  

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